Doing AI & automation well requires to understand what the different techniques are and what they can/cannot do. This goes beyond Machine Learning and all its forms (deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc) and also includes Constraint Optimization (for planning tasks) and other computing techniques. Decision makers and potential users also need to understand the challenges of AI & automation related to data, cyber security, and IT.

At BLUSPHINX® we are proud to have found a method to explain AI & automation (and other topics like Quantum Computing) in a way that is accessible and relevant to anyone, and does not require a technical background.

We also love thinking and figuring out the (useful and feasible) applications of AI & automation for a specific domain, be it military defense or consumer analytics.

We have given talks on AI in front of hundreds of people at global organizations, with both experts and beginners in the audiences. In our executive workshops with a dozen leaders, we find discussions are richer when all key function leaders are around the table (senior leader, business lines, IT, HR, risk, security, etc). And true to our international nature, we have done these activities in English, French, and German (translating AI is not easy!).

The best feedback we get is when participants come back for more, and tell us that we helped them separate myths from reality by explaining complex concepts in a clear way. It puts a smile on our face every time, whether coming from a senior IT engineer, HR director, senior vice-president, or a combat pilot.

See our introductory white paper “AI Myths and Realities”