Our mission is to empower people and organizations to make the right decisions, become more independent and resilient, and have a better experience -- with IT, software, and technology.

We help leaders and businesses who are held back by software or IT systems that are not good enough. We use our expertise to understand the problems, design the blueprint for an optimal solution, and help put it in place.

We are an independent firm. We do not make money on any third-party products or services. Hence, we provide unbiased recommendations on how best to solve each problem.

We are based in San Antonio, Texas. We work in English, French, German and travel globally for our clients.


Software and IT systems often fail to live up to their promises and can turn into disasters. The problem is not a shortage of products and services, but a lack of expertise and methodology to select the right solution and implement it effectively. This is the gap we fill.

Over 10 years, we have served small businesses, large corporations, public organizations, non-profits, and homeowners. We have experience in food, manufacturing, financial services, real-estate, luxury, airlines, and defense.


We uncover the root cause of problems, disentangle messy situations, and lead efforts to put in place effective digital systems that everybody is happy with.

We carefully listen to our clients because every situation is unique. The right solution depends on strategic goals, people, workflows, industry, business size, where business is done, and other factors.

We create bridges between different people and cultures to accomplish together a positive outcome.


We have a proven track record in resolving difficult problems and implementing effective digital systems. We are experts in getting the most value out of technology, while minimizing risks, within constraints such as money, time, and resources.


Uncovering the essence of digital problems and defining solutions that fit business goals and existing capabilities and constraints.


Designing a solution architecture and selecting the technologies and products that best fit the desired objectives and available resources.


Motivating teams and building bridges between different people and cultures to create an esprit de corps and succeed together.


Creating a detailed plan ($$, time, resources, activities), putting people and resources in place, and getting it done within budget and time.


Whether at home or working together at BLU SPHINX®, we enjoy a wonderful partnership. Happily married, we also have been business partners for many years. We share a mutual desire to take what we do best and use it to make the world a better place.

We are a top-credentials team with deep experience in a wide range of technical, business, and leadership domains.
Aurelie Mei-Hoa Beaumel

Aurelie Mei-Hoa Beaumel

Digital architect
She can understand what people are trying to do with their software/IT and why it is not working. With these insights, she designs a system blueprint that does exactly what is needed.

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Thomas Dillig, PhD

Thomas Dillig, PhD

Digital engineer
He is very knowledgeable about technology and products, technical leadership, figuring out the best way to implement a blueprint, and building systems well and efficiently.

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We have worked with BLU SPHINX since 2018 and we are very satisfied. Their custom software has significantly reduced the time to perform tedious tasks, freeing up my employees’ time to focus on higher-value tasks. The BLU SPHINX team is reliable and efficient, and doesn’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves. I can trust them and results are delivered as promised.

Victorine Taïlou

Founder & President of Samoussas TAÏLOU, Disciple of Escoffier

My research group at MIT had obtained a sizable contract. I found Thomas Dillig to be a model collaborator. His ability to work productively with the team and to communicate sophisticated technical concepts quickly and efficiently contributed greatly to our ability to execute on the contract. In large part because of Dr. Dillig’s participation, the project was a success.

Martin Rinard, PhD

Professor, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Aurelie and Thomas possess the rare quality of perfectly mastering the technical aspects of complex information systems and at the same time being able to pinpoint the key security issues and challenges related to their use, at all levels of organizations. This includes top decision makers, military leaders, CEOs, members of Executive Committees, as well as experts across business functions, operational teams, and end-users.

General (ret) Jean-Paul Paloméros

Former NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation, Chief of French Air Force

Aurelie Beaumel made significant contributions to the results of a working group in charge of the study of resilience. She distinguished herself with her dedication, ability to explain concepts clearly, analytical skills, and her wide range of knowledge. She knows how to interact effectively with officers and experts of diverse backgrounds. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who needs to define long-term strategies and solve complex problems related to technology, organizations, and people.

Colonel of the French Air Force

Director of Strategy division of Air Force Staff

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