Project rescue for a global tech company

The company
A major software company with more than 200,000 employees.
Our client
Senior Vice-President in charge of a large product division.
The problem
A team of 80 developers and managers were working on a new business software product. After 2 years of development, there had been 3 changes in direction, 2 incompatible and incomplete codebases, and no working product.
Strategic goals to achieve
Assess the viability of the new product, come up with a change plan for improvements, and implement the plan.
What we did
We started with a team and technology audit. Then, we clarified the key functionalities and objectives for the product. We created a blueprint and matched the right people to the right tasks. We defined clear and unambiguous success KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and held people accountable for them.
With our expertise and leadership, the project team delivered a fully functional beta version within 5 weeks.