Our approach to home automation

There are four dimensions to consider when choosing a home digital solution:

  • Reliability: Is the solution reliable enough for the services needed?
  • Dependencies: What other services does the solution need to function? Can it degrade gracefully?
  • Time to obsolescence: How long will the solution last before it needs to be replaced?
  • Strategic independence: Is the solution dependent on one vendor? What leverage do you have over price? Are there compatible alternatives if the solution gets discontinued?

Many off-the-shelf home automation solutions currently fail on most of these dimensions.

We design and implement custom home automation solutions that meet all these criteria. We leverage state-of-the-art commercial technologies and/or open-source solutions to deliver the best performance and value.

Problems we address

We have applied our expertise and approach to build smart and resilient living spaces that create extraordinary experiences, by leveraging digital technology creatively. We have helped clients with:
  • Integrated home automation
  • Home media solutions
  • Security and access controls
  • Smart lighting
  • Swimming-pool controls


Below are select client stories from our home automation porfolio.

Digital pool controls for a private residence
Custom home media system for a penthouse apartment