In our lifetime, computers have grown from tech gadgets to indispensable elements in virtually every aspect of people’s lives. Yet despite this progress and proliferation of all things digital, there remains a widespread struggle to use digital technology well and effectively. For the past 20 years, we have been searching for a better way to navigate the digital jungle, and we found it. It has been one of the greatest adventures of our lives.


Whether at home or working together at BLU SPHINX®, we enjoy a wonderful partnership. Happily married, we also have been business partners for many years. We share a mutual desire to take what we do best and use it to make the world a better place.

We are a top-credentials team with deep experience in a wide range of technical, business, and leadership domains.

Aurelie M.H. Beaumel

Digital architect

She can understand what people are trying to do with their software/IT and why it is not working. With these insights, she designs a system blueprint that does exactly what is needed.

Thomas Dillig, PhD

Digital engineer

He is very knowledgeable about technology and products, technical leadership, figuring out the best way to implement a blueprint, and building systems well and efficiently.

Our Values

Make dreams come true and create value for the world.