Home media system

Our client
An audiophile and cinephile owning a high-end penthouse.
Movies and music were distributed on different services and locations (Netflix, CDs, Blu-Rays, iTunes, MP3/FLAC files, etc). It was therefore not possible to access all content on all devices (TV screen, tablet, stereo system, etc). The audio and video quality of content from streaming was frequently not good enough. Moreover, there was not enough control over streaming content: movies are not permanently available and disappear after a while.
Strategic goals to achieve
  • Enable access to all content from any device in the house.
  • Set up independent local storage of content with full control by homeowner.
  • Deliver content in high quality suitable for high-end sound system and high-end video installation.
What we did
We designed and implemented a wired and wireless network infrastructure. We set up a local server to store all video and music content centrally. We provided easy and convenient methods to add content that you own to the infrastructure. This custom system leverages existing commercial control protocols and open-source solutions to enable centralized, secure, and full-quality access to content from any device in the house.
Our client and family have full control over their movies and music. They can enjoy the content they want without compromising experience quality. This custom system is easy to use and has no monthly fee.