Bringing out the best in people

Effective leadership means understanding what people are capable of, putting them in roles that stretch them but do not break them. It is about putting the right people in the right place on the team, giving them authority and resources to accomplish their jobs, empowering them to take responsibility and initiative, and holding them strictly accountable for results. The point is to create an esprit de corps to achieve common goals and succeed together.


Effective leadership entails the ability to genuinely listen to others and separate what they say from one's own biases and assumptions. It is about creating bridges between different people and cultures.


Effective leadership requires a strong command of facts, both at the big-picture and details levels. It requires a strong analytical mind and the ability to synthesize key information. It means thinking things through, evaluating trade-offs properly, and making the right decisions.

Clear communication

An effective leader can explain complex things in a clear and simple way for anyone to understand.

Moral character

An effective leader has the courage to say out loud the hard things and do the right things. They serve the common good before their own self-interest. They are trustworthy. They act and speak responsibly.