We uncover the root cause of problems, disentangle messy situations, and lead efforts to put in place effective digital systems that everybody is happy with.

We carefully listen to our clients because every situation is unique. The right solution depends on strategic goals, people, workflows, industry, business size, where business is done, and other factors.

We create bridges between different people and cultures to accomplish together a positive outcome.


We have a proven track record in delivering effective digital systems that:
  • Have the desired functionalities and are easy to use.
  • Achieve robust cybersecurity and resilience.
  • Minimize IT and maintenance costs.
  • Automate tasks to save time, increase productivity, and reduce errors.
  • Confer strategic independence and more control for the business.
  • Extract valuable insights from data efficiently.

STEP 1: Understand the problem

Our job is to identify the root causes of the problem and figure out possible ways to solve it.

We use our expertise and experience to diagnose the situation from all angles and provide actionable recommendations. We go to the source of problems and uncover their causes and consequences on the surrounding ecosystem. We identify strengths and weaknesses of systems, processes, and teams. We provide concrete and feasible options to resolve the problems.

We conduct individual interviews and a group workshop with relevant senior leaders, managers, and operational teams (business and technical). Our objective is to understand existing pain points, perspectives, goals, business processes, and IT systems.

The duration of this effort depends on the size of the organization and the complexity of the problem.

We deliver a written report that includes:

  • Our findings on the root causes of the problems, as well as key strengths and weaknesses.
  • Proposed rescue options with high-level plan and estimated cost/time range.

STEP 2: Select the best course of action

Our job is to help select the best course of action among options and get alignment and buy-in from stakeholders.

We conduct individual discussions and group workshops with relevant stakeholders, and document outcomes, with the following goals:

  • Do a detailed inventory of relevant IT systems and tools (hardware, software, ERP, etc), cybersecurity tools and processes, and types of data currently used.
  • Assess existing digital expertise (internal employees, external vendors), resources available, and constraints.
  • Formulate the business and strategic objectives that a successful rescue/system must achieve.
  • Examine the proposed options, gather feedback, select the most suitable option, and get buy-in from the people involved.

STEP 3: Design the blueprint

Our job is to design the best technical architecture for the chosen solution.

We design blueprints for systems that are smart, resilient, secure, easy to use, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.

We work within constraints and strive to leverage existing resources in order to maximize value and control costs for our clients. We have extensive knowledge of what is available on the market and how much things cost. We incorporate commercial products/services, open-source solutions, and custom development in the most effective combination.

We collect inputs and feedback from relevant stakeholders throughout blueprint design to ensure that the solution will solve problems and work well for its users.

We are experienced with all types of devices (mobile, desktops, servers) and operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux).

We deliver a written blueprint that includes:

  • Mapping of desired workflows, tools, users, and pain points to solve.
  • List of functionalities that the solution must have.
  • Selection of the most effective technologies (hardware, software) and methods to implement the architecture and functionalities, including best-in-class examples.
  • Estimated budget range to implement ($$, time, people).

STEP 4: Plan the implementation

Our job is to lay out activities in the right order, select the right products and services, and put the right people on the right tasks, in order to implement the solution according to the blueprint. 

We create a detailed implementation plan that minimizes risks and makes it easy to track progress.

We collect inputs and feedback from relevant stakeholders during planning to ensure a smooth implementation.

Based on your needs, we deliver or assist your team with the following:

  • Identify possible in-house resources, vendors, platforms, systems, and/or tools that fit blueprint requirements.
  • Define a detailed budget with contingencies.
  • Write Requests For Proposals/Quotes.
  • Evaluate bids and proposals.
  • Negotiate prices and payment terms with vendors.
  • Define progress and success criteria/metrics.
  • Define quality control and testing procedures.
  • Define a detailed implementation schedule.
  • Plan any system transition as early and as gradually as possible during implementation (not at the end) to have enough time to make adjustments as needed.

STEP 5: Manage the implementation

Our job is to get it done, according to plan, within budget and time. We empower the selected people to execute the plan successfully. We give them authority and resources to accomplish their jobs, and hold them strictly accountable for results.

Based on your needs, we deliver or assist your team with the following:

  • Track progress against criteria/metrics defined in the implementation plan.
  • Monitor quality and performance to ensure it is delivered at required levels.
  • Conduct technical and user testing throughout implementation.
  • Provide regular updates and collect feedback from relevant stakeholders.
  • Design and conduct user training as needed.
  • Carefully coordinate any system transition to avoid operational disruptions and minimize risks.