Aurelie Mei-Hoa Beaumel

Aurelie is a digital architect. She can understand what people are trying to do with their software/IT and why it is not working. With these insights, she designs a system blueprint that does exactly what is needed.

She is also a designer of fine experiences. She has dedicated her life to character-building, gaining better understanding of the world, and the pursuit of big dreams.

Her Story

Truly multicultural

She is French-Indonesian and was born in Indonesia. Her middle name Mei-Hoa (美花) means ‘beautiful flower’ in Chinese. She grew up in Jakarta and Reunion Island, a place where all skin colors and multiple religions coexist peacefully. She has also lived and worked in Silicon Valley, New York, Paris, Scandinavia, Germany, and the Indian Ocean. She is fluent in English and French, skilled in Indonesian and German, has notions of Norwegian and Japanese, and was a Latin scholar. She has deep experience with a wide range of cultures and knows how to create bridges between them.

Outstanding critical and creative thinking

She has thrived in competitive and demanding environments. She graduated from Stanford University with a Master and Bachelor of Science with Honors in Symbolic Systems (Cognitive Science and Decision Making) and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She studied computer science, psychology, linguistics, and philosophy to understand the human mind, artificial intelligence, and the role of computers. For her thesis in behavioral economics, she investigated how cognitive biases affect human judgment.

She started her career and spent 6 years at top management consulting firm BCG in New York and later their European offices. She built expertise in data analytics, strategy, consumer insights, pricing, and the management of international projects with teams spanning all hierarchy levels. She pioneered a new technological approach for business war games that led to the founding of BLU SPHINX®. Since then, she has become an expert in how to use technology effectively to multiply capabilities, enhance decision making, and create positive experiences.

An expert advisor with a can-do attitude and multidisciplinary knowledge

She has a 15-year track record of working effectively with senior leaders of major organizations. She is valued for her ability to think things through and evaluate trade-offs to make the right decisions. She has worked closely with clients in all sorts of industries including luxury, consumer goods, airlines, defense, financial services, and healthcare. With her multi-faceted background, she knows how to handle different cultures (senior management vs. operations) and domains (technical vs. business). She was selected as Young Leader 2016 of the French-American Foundation. She also served as an officer in the civilian reserve of the French Air Force in strategy and cyber defense. She has been a featured speaker for several high-profile business conferences.

A passion for extraordinary experiences that deepen the understanding of nature, beauty, and harmony

She loves taking on outdoors challenges and exploring wild remote areas, including dog-mushing through 1500km of Nordic wilderness and competing in dogsled races, horse-riding across 1600km of the Namib desert, doing ski expeditions in Spitsbergen, diving with wild orcas and sharks, and scuba-diving in Cocos Island. She has completed several marathons and half-marathons, including the Greenland Marathon & Half-Marathon at -20C and the Polar Night Race in Tromsø.

A longtime amateur violinist, she performed in several student orchestras, including at the Sydney Opera House. From the wilderness and fine arts, she has learned invaluable lessons in leadership, grit, and endurance. She also has become expert at curating and creating unforgettable experiences.