Business stories

Over 10 years, we have served small businesses, large corporations, public organizations, and non-profits. We have experience in food, manufacturing, financial services, real-estate, luxury, airlines, and defense. Below are select client stories from our portfolio.

Digital transformation of a small food manufacturer
Digital strategic war-game for a global airline
Project rescue for a global technology company
Security dashboard for a global services company
Business software R&D for National Science Foundation
Artificial Intelligence for a luxury fashion house

Home automation stories

We have also served discerning homeowners. We leverage digital technology creatively to build smart and resilient living spaces that create extraordinary experiences.

Digital pool controls for a private residence
Custom home media system for a penthouse apartment

Workshops in strategy and technology

We have designed and led many custom workshops in our areas of expertise. Each workshop is tailored to the audience's knowledge level in the topic (beginner, intermediate, expert, or suitable for all levels) and specific goals.

What clients love best about our approach are the clear and simple explanations of technical concepts (especially for non-technical audiences), strategic insights linking technical and business topics, best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and case studies relevant to their specific industry and functions.