Music is an important part of Aurelie’s life. She started to play the violin at age 7. She got as a present a CD of Nigel Kennedy, the British violinist who defied conventions with his modern interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. She loved it and it inspired her to study violin for more than 12 years up until university.

The conservatory was her second school – with classes, exams, teachers, and great friends. She loved playing in orchestras and chamber music groups. She played in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra for some years, including its 2005 tour to Australia/New Zealand. One of her all-time favorite memories was to perform at the Sydney Opera House, with her family in the audience.

Music taught her invaluable lessons. Learning to play an instrument takes many years of practice, patience, and perseverance. It develops intellectual concentration, technical skills, and emotional sensitivity. In orchestras, she learned to be part of something bigger than herself. She learned how teamwork, listening to others, and coordination are critical for success. She was inspired by conductors, visionary leaders who know how to bring out the best from individuals and get them to work together well to make a vision come to life.