Thomas greatly enjoys landscaping in his spare time. Landscaping is about shaping an outdoor space by building permanent features (e.g. walkways, walls) and combining them with plants which are changing living beings. It entails both design and execution: digging trenches, building walls, planting bushes and flowers.

Landscaping starts with creating the vision for a piece of land. The goal is to transform an area into something beautiful and functional. Some areas will be a better fit for a design than others, and vice-versa. The point is to harmoniously enhance the natural features and resources available.

In execution, the physical work of digging trenches, carrying stones, etc. is a great reminder that anything worthwhile in life requires efforts and perseverance to accomplish.

A well-designed garden adds up to a total greater than the sum of its parts, like a 3-dimensional painting changing through seasons. Like a painting, a garden exists to tell a story, express an emotion, and create a state of mind.

As any work, landscaping is about imagining what is possible, executing a plan and persevering in the face of (un)expected challenges. The end result is a vision come to life, and Thomas loves doing this in all parts of his life.

Before and after of Thomas’ garden