Aurelie often goes dog mushing in Swedish Lapland with professional mushers. She first went in 2013 and it changed her life. She discovered a passion for the arctic, endurance, and animal work. Since then, she has mushed through 2500+km in wild nature, including long-distance expeditions (800km longest) and dog mushing races.

Real dog mushing is physically and mentally demanding. Sleds can weigh more than 50kg. Aurelie usually has 6-8 dogs for her sled, heavier men have more. They go through mountains, frozen lakes, woods, deep snow, vertical drops, storms, nights. Sometimes 100km in a day, sometimes at temperatures below -30C.

Mushing is hard labor. It takes a lot of work to feed, care, and clean up after more than 35 Alaskan huskies. Then there’s cutting wood, drilling holes in lakes, carrying buckets of water, as overnights are in mountain huts without electricity or running water.

Every time is a fantastic dog, human, nature, athletic, and personal experience. Aurelie has learned invaluable lessons in grit, resilience, self-control, teamwork, discipline, and leadership. Dog mushers are fit, hard-working, and fearless. They are strong in their body, mind, and heart. But they are also gentle and keep their inner child alive.

The path to becoming a true dog musher is long and arduous, but paved with fulfillment. That’s why Aurelie loves it.