Terms & Conditions

Support & Maintenance

Updates. Maintenance and support services will include provision of such updates, upgrades, bug fixes, patches, and other error corrections (collectively, “Updates”) as Licensor makes generally available free of charge to all licensees of the Software then entitled to maintenance and support services. Licensor may develop and provide Updates in its sole discretion, and Licensee agrees that Licensor has no obligation to develop any Updates at all or for particular issues. Licensee further agrees that all Updates will be deemed Software, and related documentation will be deemed Documentation, all subject to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. Licensee acknowledges that Licensor may provide some or all Updates via download from a website designated by Licensor and that Licensee’s receipt thereof will require an internet connection, which connection is Licensee’s sole responsibility. Licensor has no obligation to provide Updates via any other media. Maintenance and support services do not include any new version or new release of the Software that Licensor may issue as a separate or new product, and Licensor may determine whether any issuance qualifies as a new version, new release, or Update in its sole discretion.

Conditions and Exceptions. Licensor reserves the right to condition the provision of maintenance and support services, including all or any Updates, on Licensee’s registration of the copy of Software for which support is requested. Licensor has no obligation to provide maintenance and support services, including Updates:

  • for any but the most current or immediately preceding version or release of the Software;
  • for any copy of Software for which all previously issued Updates have not been installed;
  • if Licensee is in breach under this Agreement;
  • for any Software that has been modified other than by or with the authorization of Licensor, or that is being used with any hardware, software, configuration, or operating system not specified in the Documentation or expressly authorized by Licensor in writing; or
  • if Licensee modifies or damages the Server in any way.

Release of Source Code. Upon a Release Event, Licensor will provide Licensee with the most recent available Source Code.

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