“We have used this ERP since June 2019 and we are very satisfied with it. For a business like ours, having this IT system customized to the specific needs of our business has been a game changer. We had not realized all the advantages and business value that a customized ERP software can bring to a company. The amount of time used to perform recurrent and tedious tasks has been significantly reduced, freeing up my employees’ time to focus on higher-value tasks. For instance, while it took an office employee more than half a day to generate invoices twice a month, the same task takes now about 30 minutes to perform for the same employee.

The Blu Sphinx team is reliable and efficient, which are qualities that are increasingly rare these days. I can trust them and results are delivered as promised. As a business owner and CEO, I particularly appreciate the clarity of their explanations for technical topics. They are outstanding in their ability to understand the specific needs of our business and deliver an efficient customized software that really solved the problems we had and that our employees can use easily.

They helped me understand better how to leverage IT effectively to increase the productivity of my company, as well as its cyber security and resilience. Aurélie and Tom interact very professionally with my team and don’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves to examine our IT systems in detail, or install new improved ones.

They have become my go-to experts for anything related to IT and management.”

Victorine TailouFounder & President of Samoussas TAÏLOU

“Dr. Dillig’s research produced multiple internationally known results, published in the top publication outlets, and established his position at the very top of his field. Program analysis is one of the most challenging research areas in computer science. It requires expertise in a range of areas: deep insight into the interaction between the software, the analysis and the properties to be verified, impeccable mathematical reasoning skills, and strong software implementation skills.

One of Dr. Dillig’s notable results centers around the formulation of complex software security properties using satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) solvers. He applied this approach to the problem of finding certain classes of security vulnerabilities.

It moves from simply pointing out the presence of errors to proactively taking actions to eliminate errors. My research group at MIT had obtained a sizable contract. I found him to be a model collaborator. His ability to work productively with the team and to communicate sophisticated technical concepts quickly and efficiently contributed greatly to our ability to execute on the contract.

In large part because of Dr. Dillig’s participation, the project was a success and we were very happy with the collaboration.”

Prof. Martin Rinard, PhDProfessor, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, on a collaboration for a US Defense/DARPA-funded project

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