Digital transformation of a small food manufacturer powered by Blu Sphinx ERP

Samoussas TAILOU is a regional business and leader in the production of premium exotic food products. They have 60 full-time employees, own and operate 8 stores, and also supply corporate customers. Their own state-of-the-art factory produces tens of thousands of high-quality units every day, which are then distributed with their own delivery truck fleet.

Samoussas TAILOU


  • Inefficiencies
  • Time Management
  • No Automation
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  • Time & Cost Savings
The business owner: An award-winning innovator and entrepreneur
Victorine TAILOU, founder and president, started the business 25+ years ago in Reunion Island. She pioneered a new manufacturing system to produce traditional recipes at large scale. Among her many awards, she is an Outstanding Self-Made Entrepreneur of the Harvard Business School Club of France, a Knight of the French Legion of Honor, and a member of the prestigious culinary Disciples of Escoffier.
The Main Problem

Overcoming the limitations of existing mainstream software for small manufacturers

Samoussas TAILOU was using an off-the-shelf business software similar to QuickBooks. However, much of their workflows and data did not fit into the processes and templates provided by the software, and it could not be customized. Consequently, they supplemented it with many Excel spreadsheets to manage operations. Their IT setup consisted of desktop PCs and mainstream hardware on which they did manual data backups. Additionally, Internet is slow and unreliable on their premises, and they cannot control this.

Despite being excellent at their job, the team wasted a lot of time due to standard software tools inadequate for their unique way of doing business. They had to implement manual workarounds for missing functionalities. They could not restrict user access and prevent certain employees from seeing confidential data or using certain functionalities. Unintuitive user interfaces led to human errors that managers had to check and correct, making it difficult to delegate efficiently. They could not generate automatically recurring reports with the exact information they needed, and instead had to prepare them manually. And more.

The Outcome

Blu Sphinx ERP exceeded expectations and became an integral part of their business

Samoussas TAILOU decided to switch to Blu Sphinx ERP to solve these problems, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and strengthen security. Their ERP integrates all of their core business processes in one place, replacing the previous off-the-shelf software and spreadsheets. All data schema, workflows, and user interfaces were customized to fit exactly their specific needs and ways of doing business. With this ERP, data is only entered once in the system and automatically propagates where it is needed. There are customized automatic checks in place to prevent most data entry errors and inconsistencies, as well as fine-grained user access controls to restrict what each user can see and do in the ERP. As a result, managers delegate more tasks to employees and factory supervisors without having to constantly check their work. They have fast and easy access to key information, organized, consistent, and up-to-date. They can generate instantly the custom reports and dashboard views they need.

Additionally, because Blu Sphinx runs on any operating system, they were able to switch their computers to Linux and Mac to save on licensing costs and increase security. With the edge computing device provided and maintained by Blu Sphinx, their ERP is fully functional even when there are Internet outages. At the same time, the time can use it remotely (with Internet). The ERP also synchronizes with an external Cloud to perform automatic backups regularly.

What they had
to say about Blu Sphinx

“We have used this ERP since June 2019 and we are very satisfied with it. For a business like ours, having this IT system customized to the specific needs of our business has been a game changer. We had not realized all the advantages and business value that a customized ERP software can bring to a company. The amount of time used to perform recurrent and tedious tasks has been significantly reduced, freeing up my employees’ time to focus on higher-value tasks. For instance, while it took an office employee more than half a day to generate invoices twice a month, the same task takes now about 30 minutes to perform for the same employee.

The Blu Sphinx team is reliable and efficient, which are qualities that are increasingly rare these days. I can trust them and results are delivered as promised. As a business owner and CEO, I particularly appreciate the clarity of their explanations for technical topics. They are outstanding in their ability to understand the specific needs of our business and deliver an efficient customized software that really solved the problems we had and that our employees can use easily.”

Victorine TailouFounder & President of Samoussas TAÏLOU

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