Cyber Security
& Resilience

Strengthen your IT resilience and cyber security with a proven and intelligent platform. Adapt more quickly and do more with less.

Better preparedness with less risk

With rising uncertainty, you need a robust ERP to make your business more secure and adaptable. We deliver the ability to prevent and overcome disruptions, and to function under degraded conditions if necessary. Blu Sphinx ERP is secure- and resilient-by-design. It’s tailored to fit your risk profile and adapts to circumstances, so your most critical data and functionalities remain secure and operational.

Deep Expertise

What protection does your current software have against cyberattacks and data loss? Blu Sphinx ERP security provides state-of-the-art cyber protection built by our experts who have designed and implemented advanced software security systems for the US Department of Defense and MIT. Rest assured knowing you have best-in-class cyber security.

At Blu Sphinx, our experts start by assessing your systems’ current security and resilience. Your ERP Blu-Print includes the specific features incorporated in your custom ERP security strategy. We provide custom access controls, encryption, advanced authentication, logs and audit trails, automatic checks, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Blu Sphinx AI proactively identifies potential problems early. Your ERP system security can automatically prevent certain operations based on custom rules and thresholds. It can also monitor critical processes and data streams, and generate automatic alerts and reports to attract your attention to unusual operations and upcoming deadlines.

More Resilience with
Less Dependencies

Dependencies create vulnerabilities. We’ll give you a clear understanding of your business’ dependencies, and reduce them. Our experts map the key dependencies between software, data, users, and processes, and remove vulnerabilities.

Optimized data for confidentiality, integrity, and availability

When it comes to the perfect ERP for your business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your data needs to be accessible, yet protected. Blu Sphinx ERP ensures your data is accurate and keeps track of changes made (what, by whom, when). Different data and functionalities have different criticality levels. Blu Sphinx ERP adapts to your business in order to optimize security and efficiency.

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