Customized AI
& Automation

Increase efficiency, save time, do more with less, and enable more delegation. Automatically get the right info to the right people at the right time.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Staying ahead of the competition means losing inefficient processes and tools. Blu Sphinx ERP customization automates manual, tedious tasks to save time and reduce errors, tailored to your business. Your team will be empowered to do more, faster, with less mistakes. Your new, custom ERP comes frustration-free, but benefit-rich.

Simple processes are a snap with Blu Sphinx. Repetitive, time-consuming tasks are automated. Your team is free to focus on higher-value, higher-complexity tasks, like dealing with unexpected situations, building new skills and capabilities, and growing your business.

AI is the gamechanger

When it comes to small- to mid-size manufacturing companies, the access and ability to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your business processes is unheard of. Blu Sphinx is built with a groundbreaking AI-powered ERP technology developed by our experts who have deep knowledge of AI techniques and extensive experience implementing automation software platforms for MIT, US Department of Defense, and Fortune 500 companies. You get a bigtime platform for your business.

More delegation, less overload

Your people are important. However, having critical business knowledge or skills resting on one person’s shoulders can put your business at risk. Automation tailored to your business makes tasks easier, and less centralized. That way you can delegate and distribute workloads and responsibilities more.

Get your customized ERP Blu-Print

At Blu Sphinx, our experts start by developing a robust business and ERP strategy roadmap, tailored to your needs, with the goal to maximize your business gains from automation. Our 360° approach encompasses strategic, technical, and people needs, and is built to grow your business.

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