Data Insights
& Predictive Analytics

Operate more efficiently, make better decisions, and improve your financial bottom line with cutting-edge ERP data analytics, models, and simulations, all in one affordable platform.

Comprehensive, customized data

Better insights are a result of better data. Built with end-to-end data processing features, including organization, protection, analytics, simulations, and visualizations, Blu Sphinx ERP analytics functionalities are customized to fit your specific needs for financial models, planning, and reporting.

Customized, automated reporting

Say goodbye to organizing data manually to create reports. Blu Sphinx ERP automatically collects and generates reports, with the right information and in the right format. It can be tailored to grant accounting, regulatory, public agencies, or other special cases.

Blu Sphinx experts have designed and implemented some of the most advanced Data Science techniques at large firms and military organizations. Give your business the technological and competitive advantage of the best Fortune 500 companies, for a fraction of the cost.

The future at your fingertips

No longer limited by historical data and past models, Blu Sphinx ERP predictive analytics can perform what-if and scenario analysis, designed by experts who pioneered a new technological approach to business war games and complex new simulations models.

A new breed of customer insights

Blu Sphinx ERP analytics incorporates Machine Learning algorithms to perform clustering, segmentation, and other analyses. Augment your customer data analytics to save time, find hidden patterns and increase sales.

Revolutionize planning and scheduling

Goodbye, guesswork. Hello, productivity! Our experts have invented new AI and constraint-optimization techniques now used by Fortune 500 companies and will work with you to customize these advanced tools for your business.

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