Ease of Use

Get an ERP that’s truly easy to use, expands your team capabilities, helps to embrace change, and makes it a pleasure to run your business.

Empower your employees

Blu Sphinx enables your team to work faster, produce better results, and make less mistakes. It expands the range of tasks employees of different skill levels can perform, making it easier to reallocate team members.

The best user experience

We start by understanding your business, the workflows used by your team, their skill levels, and their way of thinking. Your customized ERP is truly easy to use because it adapts to fit to how your team works in all user areas including automation features, user interface, and training.

Unlike hard-to-implement ERPs, Blu Sphinx ERP makes it easy. Our experts start by defining a roadmap including a custom transition and change management plan that will make it painless for your team to adopt.

Training and support

We’re always available and ready to help. Ongoing, we conduct design workshops with your future end-users to gather input on functionalities and interfaces, test prototypes, and build familiarity with the software. We make the new system easy to learn through customized training workshops.

A roadmap for success

Your Blu-Print strategy roadmap includes behavioral elements specific to your business and team profile. This roadmap then guides how different aspects of your ERP will be implemented in order to achieve the best user experience.

Next-level expertise

Blu Sphinx ERP is built with deep knowledge about the human mind, behaviors, and technology, by experts who conducted advanced research at Stanford and drove innovations at Fortune 500 companies to improve decision making.

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