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Intelligent and cost-effective IT solutions provide increased ROI and decreased total cost of ownership (TCO). Do more with less and get ahead of the pack.

Intelligent ERP for less

Blu Sphinx delivers a world-class ERP solution that’s affordable for small- to mid-size businesses. Built with state-of-the-art AI technology, Blu Sphinx ERP gives you a fully custom ERP, tailored to your business, that automatically looks for efficiencies and better, faster processes.

One call, one price

Unlike ERPs requiring third-party consultants, Blu Sphinx is a direct full-service ERP company. Our agile, independent team does all development in-house, in the US. Our team also takes care of all aspects of your ERP, including ERP implementation, system integration, user training, and support. And we set a fixed, all-inclusive price before you buy.

Your custom ERP Blu-Print will include your specific expected ROI, not an industry ROI average. Our ERP technology incorporating innovative AI techniques offers superior automation capabilities that generate greater returns, at a price lower than our competitors.

No hidden fees, no surprises, no worries

Our pricing is up front, honest, and details everything before you buy. We start with personal consultations led by our experts to understand your business needs, and deliver a custom ERP Blu-Print and roadmap, with all ERP system costs detailed out and capped.

Only pay for what you need

Unlike other out-of-the-box ERPs, Blu Sphinx ERP has everything your business needs and nothing you don’t, making it the most cost-effective solution available. Why pay for functionalities that don’t fit your business? Get a custom-built solution with only the features that move your business forward.

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