& Edge Computing

You’ll be on cloud nine. Blu Sphinx runs on a modern cloud expanded with edge computing that maximizes performance and reliability and reinforces security.

Reliability, anywhere, anytime

Many manufacturers are shifting towards remote working and virtual operations. With Blu Sphinx, you can pilot your business operations from any location with Internet access. On premises, your ERP doesn’t depend on the Internet.

Go beyond standard cloud

Say goodbye to third-party cloud outages, Internet, or bandwidth limitations. Blu Sphinx provides a dedicated edge-computing device, installed on your premises. It optimizes your ERP performance, manages your cloud setup, and has automatic fallback mechanisms to avoid disruptions.

Always in control

You decide where your data is stored and used. Our experts will help you identify your critical data and operations, and define the best cloud ERP strategy, including robust, custom security settings and encryption. Stay in control of your data and operate more securely.

No extra IT work

Even better, Blu Sphinx cloud ERP doesn’t increase your IT workload or expense. We provide, install, and maintain all cloud and edge computing equipment. Updates and upgrades are fully automated, as well as data backups at your chosen frequency.

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