A new breed of ERP

Artificial Intelligence for real world results

Unlike out of the box software, your custom-built Blu Sphinx ERP solution will be intelligently powered by A.I. to learn how you run your business and optimized to help you run your business better. Blu Sphinx business automation drives recovery and growth, without compromising security, delivering the best results.

In today’s manufacturing world, you need automation to control and reduce costs, and do more with less. It’s why Blu Sphinx ERP is tailor-made to your specific business workflows and requirements to identify which data processing tasks are best performed by machines and which data processing tasks are best performed by your employees.

It’s a new day, you need a new breed of ERP

To not only stay competitive, but outperform your competition, you need software automation systems and tools like data analytics, models and simulations customized to fit your specific needs, workflows, and objectives. Bottom line, Blu Spinx ERP will help your business operate better, faster and at a reduced cost of ownership.

An ERP for every platform

Blu Sphinx ERP runs on anything you run your business on – Windows, MacOS, Linux, mobile devices, and any combination. Blu Sphinx is a full-featured desktop application tailored to your business and it updates automatically. Instead of a second-rate user experience of web apps, enjoy lightning speed on any platform.

Deep technical and business expertise

At Blu Sphinx, we start with personal, 1-1 consultations led by our principals to understand your business needs. We deliver a robust strategic ERP Blu-Print and roadmap with behavioral elements to guide the design and implementation of your customized ERP, empowering your business growth. Our experts help you every step of the way.

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