Our Approach to Implementation Planning

Effective planning means laying out tasks in the right order, selecting the right products and services, and putting the right people for the right tasks. A fully developed blueprint is a pre-requisite for planning success.

At BLUSPHINX®, we create implementation plans that minimize risks and make it easy to track progress. We collect inputs and feedback from relevant stakeholders during planning to ensure a smooth implementation.

What we deliver

At BLUSPHINX®, as part of an implementation planning, we can deliver or assist with the following:

  • Identify possible in-house resources, vendors, platform, system, and/or tool that fit blueprint requirements.
  • Define a detailed budget with contingencies.
  • Write Requests For Proposals/Quotes.
  • Evaluate bids and proposals.
  • Negotiate prices and payment terms with vendors.
  • Define progress and success criteria/metrics.
  • Define quality control and testing procedures.
  • Define a detailed implementation schedule.
  • Plan any system transition as early and as gradually as possible during implementation (not at the end) to have enough time to make adjustments as needed.

We offer expert planning services through a combination of diagnostic & recommendation and workshop engagements.