Our Approach to Implementation Management

Project management is not just about dashboards and metrics. It is primarily about people. Successful project management means putting the right people in the right place, giving them authority and resources to accomplish their jobs, and holding them strictly accountable for results. It is about creating an esprit de corps to achieve a common goal.

A well thought-through implementation plan is a pre-requisite for implementation success. While agile methods can be useful within a well-defined plan, they are recipes for uncoordinated waste of efforts without very clear implementation plan and objectives.

What we deliver

At BLUSPHINX®, implementation management includes doing all the following:

  • Track progress against criteria/metrics defined in the implementation plan.
  • Monitor quality and performance to ensure it is delivered at required levels.
  • Conduct technical and user testing throughout implementation.
  • Provide regular updates and collect feedback from relevant stakeholders.
  • Design and conduct user training as needed.
  • Carefully coordinate any system transition to avoid operational disruptions and minimize risks.

We offer expert project management on a monthly-fee basis for the duration of an implementation.