Workshops & Coaching

We provide custom workshops and coaching in our areas of expertise. Each workshop or coaching is tailored to the audience's knowledge level in the topic (beginner, intermediate, expert, or suitable for all levels). They serve different purposes, such as:

  • Acquisition of new knowledge, methodologies, and skills(e.g. AI, resilience)
  • Strategic workshop for decision makers (e.g. how to address Data challenges)
  • Part of diagnostic & recommendation engagement

What clients love best about our approach are the clear and simple explanations of technical concepts (especially for non-technical audiences), strategic insights linking technical and business topics, best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and case studies relevant to their specific industry and functions.

We tailor the format of workshops and coaching to fit your needs and objectives:

  • Individual vs. group sessions.
  • One-time vs. multi-session program.
1-2 hSuitable for conference-style talk in front of large audience
0.5 daySuitable for small group to cover one topic in depth
1-2 daysSuitable for small group to cover several topics in depth
CustomIndividual executive training

Client examples

AI: Techniques, applications, and risks3 hrs20 senior officers from French military Joint Staff (Air Force, Navy, Army)
AI & Data: Strategic IT perspective1 hr300 IT executives and managers of a global bank
Cyber security strategic workshop1.5 daysTop 15 IT executives (incl. SVP, CTO, CISO, Risk, Cyber Security) of global company
Individual coaching in IT & cyber security2 daysCEO of a small business
Cyber security & IT training1 weekBack-office employees of a small manufacturer
Quantum computing: Myths & realities1.5 hrs20 senior executives, military leaders, and entrepreneurs at private seminar
Concrete steps to increase cyber security and productivity of your business1 hr200 Accounting and Tax professionals at annual US tax conference
Constraint-based analysis in the presence of uncertainty and imprecision1.5 hrsInvited talk at Microsoft Research Redmond (MSR) attended by top 100 MSR researchers and executives
Cognitive science: Definitions and practical applications1.5 hrs80 expert officers from the French Army and 20 faculty from top French higher-education institutions