We help our clients save significant money and time, and prevent implementation disasters. Concretely, we have helped clients to:
  • Rescue a failing IT/digital project.
  • Design and put in place a smart and resilient custom digital system, such as ERP.
  • Automate tasks using AI to save time, increase productivity, and reduce costs.
  • Optimize data systems and tools to extract more value from data.
  • Achieve robust cybersecurity and resilience, including NIST 800-171 and CMMC.
  • Comply with ISO inventory and traceability norms.
  • Reduce dependence on external vendors/products and increase control in strategic areas.
  • Identify and implement the best way to benefit from Cloud technology.

We offer the following types of engagements for businesses. Each engagement is tailored to fit your specific needs and objectives.

We use our knowledge and experience to give you guidance on how to solve your problems and pursue opportunities, while saving time and money.
We help you build the right mindset and acquire key knowledge and methodologies in order to become more effective at using digital technologies.
We help you get it done according to specs, within budget, in a reasonable timeline, while keeping all relevant people onboard.