About Blu Sphinx

At Blu Sphinx, we start from a strategic behavioral Blu-Print and collaboratively build an intelligent roadmap and ERP solution, intelligently powered by A.I., which drives down the total cost of ownership, making it a pleasure to grow your business.

Why Blu Sphinx?

A woman-owned business, Blu Sphinx is a new breed of ERP solution. We serve small and medium sized manufacturing businesses typically underserved by larger ERP solutions providers.

Blu Sphinx aims to leverage technology to make the world a better place, including giving today’s smaller business owners robust tools to improve outcomes and achieve positive growth. 

Truly unique in our space, Blu Sphinx provides a customized way to improve business performance at significantly lower costs, and greater return on investment. We define a strategic behavioral roadmap for each company’s ERP and build a completely custom solution using our intelligent platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive down total cost of ownership.

Blu Sphinx combines best-in-class expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and proven innovations that our founders successfully developed for world-leading Fortune 500, military, and research organizations. We keep pushing the digital R&D frontier to create an ERP that confers outstanding technological and competitive advantage, at a reasonable cost.

Our mission is to make custom AI-integrated ERP solutions available to small and medium sized businesses, making it a pleasure to use while improving their bottom line. We enable entrepreneurs and innovative manufacturing businesses to operate more efficiently, make better decisions, and improve their business resilience.

Blu Sphinx is built for business.

Our Founders

Whether at home or working together at Blu Sphinx, we enjoy a wonderful partnership. Happily married, we also have been business partners for many years. Together, we complement each other in an amazing way when it comes to developing software.

Thomas brings the expertise in technology and, in particular, artificial intelligence. Aurelie is the expert in cognitive science, which inspires the best user experience.

Together, we also share a mutual desire to take what we do best and use it to make the world a better place – technology that helps every business have a better chance to grow.

Aurelie Mei-Hoa Beaumel
Co-founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and an expert in business, data insights, resilience, and artificial intelligence (AI), Aurelie Mei-Hoa Beaumel is the co-founder of Blu Sphinx, a technology venture supported by the National Science Foundation…

Thomas Dillig, PhD
Co-founder & CTO

With an academic research background and deep expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, software, and IT project management, Thomas Dillig is the co-founder of Blu Sphinx…

NSF Partnership

Blu Sphinx is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and a member of its competitive Small Business Innovation Research program which selects the most innovative science and technologies companies in the United States.

America’s Seed Fund powered by NSF awards $200 million annually to startups and small businesses, transforming scientific discovery into products and services with commercial and societal impact. Startups working across almost all areas of science and technology can receive up to $1.75 million to support research and development (R&D), helping de-risk technology for commercial success. America’s Seed Fund is congressionally mandated through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The NSF is an independent federal agency with a budget of about $8.1 billion that supports fundamental research and education across all fields of science and engineering. To learn more about America’s Seed Fund powered by NSF, visit https://seedfund.nsf.gov/.

Our Values

Technology for Good

We develop technological advances and turn them into practical business applications that benefit society. We create software that is efficient, helpful, and a joy to use.


We hold ourselves and our software to the highest standards. We do not compromise on performance, security, or user experience.


We love to solve problems and fill knowledge gaps. We think differently to imagine and implement new useful ideas and solutions.


We are a trusted partner who listens attentively, explains things clearly, provides thoughtful insights, and takes relevant actions.


We do our best to make our business sustainable for our employees, our clients, our partners, our community, and our environment at large.


We strive to act wisely, with strong ethics, and have the courage to do what is right in all circumstances.


We are an American company founded by immigrants, co-owned by a woman who is half-Asian. We value the perspectives, experiences, and ideas contributed by people from different backgrounds.


Our software adapts to its users (not the other way around). It adapts to the way you think and run your business.

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